Buy your time

No registration or personal informations required...the big G knows.

Past're too late


Let's say that you have one hour of free time...probably you'd waste it. Time is the most valuable thing you "have", but nowdays people only value invest on your free time and enjoy it, with the counsciousness of really having free will in that timespan.

1 hour/2$

Yeah, an hour of your time is worth far more than 2$, but you're not more worth than the people whose time is valued like this (or even much less or nothing). Help them.


Ask to a person that's dying how much money she/he would spend to have more time...with us you can buy it now and we'll add everything at the end of your life.

1 day/15$

We guarantee the validity of this system, if you live less time than the amount you bought we'll refund you; wait 4 business days after the confirmation of your death (we had bad experiences back in the days) and then send an e-mail to our staff, you'll recive a full refund.

Price is low because you're fucking up the planet and your


Only for a limited time, valid for past, present and future; spend this money once and start really enjoying life...having the guaranteed VIP access to an amazing eternal life, with the opportunity to meet all* your idols of the past, free light speed Wi-Fi, unlimited chicken nuggets, free healthcare, answers to all the existential questions and the premium multicolor led halo.


Secure eternal happiness in exchange of a limited amount of money...which will help some people not have a sad, finite human experience.

*Some may not be in heaven, but don't worry, those indulgences have retroactive effect, you can buy one for them, or even for your beloved ones who died and didn't behave so well.